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To find suitable crops for your property follow these simple steps:

  1. View the GrowOtago maps on CD or online at GrowOtago.
  2. Find your property and record the required information below.
  3. Insert the recorded numbers into the table below using the simple pull-down menus.
  4. Select 'n/a' to exclude a category from the search.
  5. Press search to list the crops that are suitable.
Growing Degree Days (Base 10 C) A measure of heat accumulation over 12 months
Drainage How well the soil holds water.
Fertility An indication of soil fertility.
Cool Season Chilling The amount of chilling a plant needs to flower
Early First Frost (autumn) The month to expect the first frost of the calendar year.
Late Last Frost (spring) The month to expect the last frost of the year.